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To the website of the oldest Yorkshire Terrier breed club in the United Kingdom.

Follow the links on the left to discover more about our club and should you wish to become a member you will find more details by following the Contact Us link. Shows and other activities can be found on the Events link.

Due to COVID-19 the remaining 2020 YTC Shows are cancelled!
New dates for 2021

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Foreword written by Tony Roberts

The Yorkshire Terrier was recognised as a breed by The Kennel Club in 1886.

In the February 1898 edition of the Kennel Club Gazette under the heading APPLICATION FOR THE REGISTRATION OF A SPECIALIST BREED CLUB it states: Mr F. W. Randall has applied for the registration of THE YORKSHIRE TERRIER CLUB.

The application for the registration of the club was successful; permission was granted on 1st March 1898 and The Yorkshire Terrier Club was formed.

The first Secretary was Mr F. W. Randall and in the past 110 years the have been only 12 Secretaries:

1898 – 1904: Mr F. W. Randall                                
1905 – 1906: Captain Polson                                    
1907 – 1910: Mr F. W. Randall                                
1911 – 1912: Lady Edith Windham                           
1912 – 1930: Mr J. Dunman                                     
1931 – 1945: Lady Edith Windham                           
1946 – 1958: Mrs E. Munday                                   
1959 – 1974: Miss P. Noakes                  
1975 – 1976: Mrs J. Montgomery                             
1976 – 1977: Mrs J. Reader                                     
1977 – 1987: Mrs B. Whitbread                               
1987 – 1997: Mrs P. Osborne                                  
1997 – 2000: Mrs H. Hammersley                            
2000 – pres: Mrs P. Mitchell                                    

Mr Randall served two terms of office for a total of 10 years and Lady Edith Windham of the Soham affix served 15 years in two terms, although this included the duration of World War II when she returned to her home in Ireland. The Club’s trophies and records were placed in Barclays Bank for the whole of the war years.

The hard work of very dedicated breeders kept the breed going during the war years under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. So during the late 1940’s and 50’s the registrations and especially show entries were considerably less than they are today.

The Club experienced severe financial difficulties, so in 1951, 1952 and 1953 there were no shows.

In 1951 it was decided to recognise the work of the Secretary and Treasurer and honorariums were awarded.

Mrs Ethel Munday became Secretary in 1946 and she worked very hard for the Club to ensure its success. She collected the records and cups from Barclays Bank which had been placed there by Lady Edith Windham. Mrs Munday was helped a good deal by her daughter Miss Vera Munday and Miss Munday became Treasurer from 1959 to 1985, she remained active in the Club throughout her life and in 1992 was elected President, a post she held until her death in 2007. The Club owes a debt of gratitude to both Mrs Ethel Munday and Miss Vera Munday for all they did for the Club.

I had the privilege of serving the Committee for many years and in 1982 I was elected Chairman. I have occupied this post continuously for the past 27 years. My wife Connie and I have both been made Honorary Life Members.

The Club celebrated it’s Centenary in 1998 and a great deal of planning went into the event. In 1996 Mr Osman Sameja (Ozmilion Yorkshire Terriers) was elected to judge this momentous event and it was decided that a book would be compiled, The Yorkshire Terrier Club 1898 – 1998 Centenary Collection of Memorabilia.

In 1997 Mrs Hazel Hammersley was elected Secretary and she and her husband Alan worked very hard to ensure the Centenary celebration would be a success. It was decided that it would be a weekend event and it was held in Purbright, Surrey; people came from all over the world, from as far as Australia as well as Spain, Germany, Switzerland and even Japan.

On the Saturday the was a ‘Parade Of Champions’ with Champions of all ages, the last dog appearing in the ‘Parade’ was Champion Ozmilion Mystification who had won Best In Show at CRUFTS the previous year (1997) and had been top dog all breeds in 1996. This dog was given a standing ovation.

The Parade was followed by a Dinner and Dance which went on till the early hours and was greatly enjoyed by all. The following day was the Centenary Championship Show which had a record breaking entry of 348. Special permission had to be obtained from The Kennel Club because this exceeded the number of dogs allowed to be judged by one person in a single day.

Mr Sameja awarded Best In Show to Mrs Langhorn’s Ch Yorlang Amazing Grace and Reserve Best In Show to Mrs Rowe’s Rozmund Obsession; this was his 3rd CC and title. Mrs Crowther’s Candytops Charmer was Best Puppy In Show.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club Yearbook 2001 was the start of the current run of Yearbooks and they have raised a lot of money for The Yorkshire Terrier Clubs’ Rescue and Rehoming.

In 2008 Mr Osman Sameja was unanimously elected President of the Club in recognition of all he has done for the breed.

Champion Ozmilion Mystification is the first and only Yorkshire Terrier to win Best In Show at CRUFTS and so the Club was honoured when Mr Sameja gave permission for this dog to be used as the future logo for THE YORKSHIRE TERRIER CLUB.

Tony Roberts