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Club History

The Yorkshire Terrier Club was founded in 1898, twelve years after the breed had been first recognised by The Kennel Club. The declared objective was "to promote the interests of the breed" and over the years this has been maintained by the Officers and committee of the Club. The first Secretary of the Club was Mr. F. W. Randall and the work of the Secretaries over the years has most important to the running of the Yorkshire Terrier Club as they are the first point of contact for many people interested in acquiring details of this delightful breed or obtaining a puppy from a reputable breeder. Notable Secretaries over the years who served long terms of office of ten years or more are Mr. Dunman, Lady Edith Windham Dawson (Soham affix), Mrs. Ethel Munday (Yadnum), Miss Phil Noakes (Phirno), Mrs. Betty Whitbread (Brybett), Mrs. Pauline Osborne (Polliam) and, since 2000, the current Secretary Mrs. Pat Mitchell (Midipatri). The Club also has a President, currently Mr. Osman Sameja, a Chairman, a Treasurer and Committee members who help greatly in the running of the Club and, especially, the Club shows. The current Chairman is Mr. Tony Roberts who has been in office since 1982.

During the Second World War the Club records were held at Barclays Bank for safety and it was not until 1946 that The Yorkshire Terrier Club became active again although the post war years were difficult for the Clubs survival as many breeders had to curtail breeding for the war years but numbers gradually increased. In 1947 The Northern Counties Yorkshire Terrier Club was registered at The Kennel Club, sponsored by the Yorkshire Terrier Club, and together guarantees were arranged with the General Championship shows to get the breed classified, the first being Birmingham 1949 and Manchester 1950.

One Club championship show a year was run in conjunction with with one of the general championship shows but this ended in 1949 and the shows were held with other toy breeds, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but little profit was brought to the Club by these shows so in June 1954 the first separate Club show was held at St May's Hall, Wyndham Place, London. Entries were 10/6d (52½p) per dog with the entrance fee 1 shilling (5p). Financially the Club was not doing very well with the outgoings being higher than it's income but by the hard work of its dedicated members the Club kept going. The breed was still numerically small during the 1950s but it was again discussed, as had happened in previous years, that there should be a Members Limited show. This had to be shelved due to lack of funds but during the 1060s membership increased as more and more people took up exhibiting Yorkshire Terriers and membership has remained steady to this day.

By the end of the 1960s three shows were being held by the Yorkshire Terrier Club each year in the centre of London, a Members Limited show, an Open Show and a Championship show and were well attended by members, many travelling to the shows by train, although in latter years, due to the cost of hiring venues in London and difficulties in parking, the shows have had to move out of the immediate area and are now held in Surrey.

In 1998 the Yorkshire Terrier Club celebrated its Centenary with a Championship show, the day beforehand by a parade of champions and a pre-show dinner and dance with many visitors from here and abroad present. The Club stall, which is an essential part of all the Club shows, had many interesting Centenary items, including some lovely china featuring Champion Ozmilion Mystification, Best in Show at Crufts 1997.

A book - The Centenary Collection of Memorabilia - was published to commemorate the event with photographs of dogs throughout the past century and interesting articles about dogs and personalities over the years with a limited hardback edition of 100 copies and also in paperback form which was greatly appreciated by all who were fortunate enough to acquire a copy. Many people contibuted to the contents of the Collection and in this way, photographs, memories and press cuttings collected over many years, which might otherwise have eventually been lost or destroyed, have been preserved. A small number of the paperback books are still available on enquiry from the Club.

The Club today is still actively promoting the interests of the breed, as set out by the founders of the Club all that time ago on 1st March 1898. Apart from the three shows held each year, at which it is possible for new people interested in the breed to see dogs of quality, representative of the standard, exhibited and to get help and advice, the Club also hold Seminars with topics of interest to all where training for prospective judges is also provided with an assessment at the end of the day. The Club holds a list of approved judges, which is updated on a yearly basis and which is circulated to the general championship shows. An important function of the Club nowadays is Yorkshire Terrier Rescue, so that dogs which may need rehoming for any reason may be helped.

Any enquiries for membership of the Yorkshire Terrier Club may be made to the current Secretary Mrs. Pat Mitchell - Tel: 01235 833171 (See CONTACT US page)