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Show Results - Members Limited Show
Judge: Angela Wiegand (Andelalie)
Saturday March 19th 2011

Best Puppy in Show: Frasermar Blue Moon

Veteran Bitch: (1, 1)

Special Brood Bitch: (2, 1)

1st Taylor - Just Another Wish

Minor Puppy Bitch: (1, 0)

1st. Comrie-Bryant - Frasermar Starshine

Junior Bitch: (2, 1)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite In Focus

Special Beginners Bitch: (1, 0)

1st Comrie-Bryant - Frasermar Romance (TAF)

Maiden Bitch: (2, 1)

1st. Donovan - Frasermar Snowflake at Donmorra

Graduate Bitch: (9, 2)

1st. Comrie-Bryant - Frasermar Illusion Of Love
2nd. Humes - Zoflora Italian Dream
3rd. Light - Faystan Looking Good
Res. Butt - Beaupetite I Am A Diva
VHC. Lee - Litalees Bell Of The Ball

Limit Bitch: (3, 0)

1st. Ward - Beaupetite Wild 'N Wise at Beaudreamer
2nd. Humes - Zoflora's Got A Copy
3rd. Wood - Wightdiamond Sweet Jasmine

Open Bitch: (4, 2)

1st. Eden - Willihelm Beauty Of Love
2nd. Zoflora Italian Dream

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch: (1, 0)

1st. Wightdiamond Sweet Jasmine

Best Bitch: Frasermar Illusion Of Love
Res Best Bitch: Willihelm Beauty Of Love

Best in Show: Frasermar Illusion Of Love
Res BIS: Beaupetite Strut Your Stuff

Minor Puppy Dog: (3, 1)

1st. Comrie-Bryant - Frasermar Blue Moon
2nd. Taylor - Bierlyn Pretentious

Puppy Dog:(2, 0)

1st. Parker - Blancville Dash Of Pride
2nd. Rombouts-Jansen - Gold Addition VH Polanerduin

Junior Dog: (3, 1)

1st. Gold Addition VH Polanerduin
2nd. Sayer - Wightsilk Snowstorm

Maiden Dog: (3, 1)

1st. Blancville Dash Of Pride
2nd. Bierlyn Pretentious

Graduate Dog: (5, 1)

1st. Wood - Wightdiamond Smart Edition
2nd. Butt - Beaupetite Candyman
3rd. Horne - Brybett Star Choice
Res. Bramwell - Clamantha Oliver Twist

Limit Dog: (2, 2)

Open Dog: (5, 3)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite Strut Your Stuff
2nd. Sayer - Wightdiamond Giorgio at Wightsilk

Bred by Exhibitor Dog: (1, 0)

1st. Wightdiamond Smart Edition

Best Dog: Beaupetite Strut Your Stuff
Res Best Dog: Wightdiamond Smart Edition