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Show Results - Open Show
Judge: Mr John Wells (Keriwell)
Saturday December 6th 2014
Best Puppy in Show

Delectable Miss Maiya

Best in Show

Wightdiamond Georgio at Wightsilk

Res Best in Show

Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer

* Judges Report: (opens in a new window)

Veteran Dog: (2, 0)

1st. Sayer - Wightdiamond Giorgio at Wightsilk
2nd. Davies - Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Special Open Trimmed Dog or Bitch: (1, 1)

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1)

1st. Yates - Seemples Sergai (TAF)

Puppy Dog: (2, 1)

1st. Eden-Smith - Willihelm One Direction

Junior Dog: (2, 2)

Yearling Dog: (2, 0)

1st.  Bystrianska - Scandelicious Smoothy King
2nd. Booth - Forgemma Classy Chassis

Novice Dog: (1, 0)

1st. Yates - Seemples Sergai (TAF)

Graduate Dog: (2, 0)

1st. Davies - Wenwytes Warrior King for Yorkalsa
2nd. Booth - Forgemma Classy Chassis

Post Graduate Dog: (6, 3)

1st. Bystrianska - Scandelicious Smoothy King
2nd. Donovan - Frasermar Matador
3rd. Yates - Bierlyn Minnie Me at Hydefinition

Limit Dog
: (4, 2)

1st. Rowe - Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund
2nd. Ward - Beaupetite Focus On Me at Beaudreamer

Open Dog: (2, 2)

Best Dog:
Wightdiamond Giorgio at Wightsilk
Res Best Dog:
Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund
Best Puppy Dog: Seemples Sergai

Veteran Bitch: (2, 2)

Special Brood Bitch (1, 1)

Minor Puppy Bitch: (1, 0)

1st. Yates - Delectable Miss Maiya (TAF)

Puppy Bitch: (3, 1)

1st. Gladwin - Gladtidings Cleopatra
2nd. Eden-Smith - Wilihelm My Precious Love

Junior Bitch: (3, 1)

1st. Skarulska - Silver Dream Tina
2nd. Sayer - Beaupetite Gucci at Wightsilk

Yearling Bitch: (1, 0)

1st. Haisova - Queen Of Diamonds L'Herbe De L'Amour (Imp Esp)

Novice Bitch: (2, 1)

1st. Yates - Delectable Miss Maiya (TAF)

Graduate Bitch: (0, 0)

Post Graduate Bitch: (5, 4)

1st. Horne - Kool Cinders for Lanehurst

Limit Bitch: (3, 1)

1st. Streek - Sherazade Millie The Minx
2nd. Donovan - Frasermar It's A Temptation

Open Bitch: (3, 1)

1st. Wood - Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer
2nd. Yates - Electra Dazzles at Hydefinition

Best Bitch: Wood: Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer
Res Best Bitch:
Sherazade Millie The Minx
Best Puppy Bitch: Delectable Miss Maiya