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Show Results - Championship Show - Sunday September 13th 2009
Judge: Caroline Eden-Smith (Willihelm)
Best In Show:
Hassendean Ritzy Romance

Best Opp Sex
Mysherie First Romance

Reserve Best In Show
Ch Patajohn Hot Gossip at Citegan JW

Best Puppy In Show
Chatcombe Make Believe

Veteran Dog:

1st. Hayden - Ch Mysherie Royel Aspiration

Minor Puppy Dog:

1st. Prevost - Hassendean Royal Contender (NAF)
2nd. Reader - Jackreed Show Thyme
3rd. Panton - Mysherie Paddykiss Angel (NAF TAF)

Puppy Dog:

1st. Hayden - Mysherie Royel Distinction
2nd. Hayden & Panton - Mysherie Royel Inquisition

Junior Dog:

1st. Humes - Zoflora Peter Poo
2nd. Horne - Brybett Star Choice
3rd. Pooley - Becklyn Fascination
Res. Bramwell - Clamantha Oliver Twist

Yearling Dog:

1st. Taylor - Boston Magic

Novice Dog:

1st. Brybett Star Choice

Graduate Dog:

1st. Parker - Blancville Dash Of Attitude
2nd. Boston Magic
3rd. Davies - Donahaye Jayan Jay at Yorkalsa

Post Graduate Dog:

1st. Zoflora Peter Poo
2nd. Blancville Dash Of Attitude

Limit Dog:

1st. Ridgwell - Hollowdown Royal Gala at Pitten
2nd. Davies - Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Open Dog:

1st. Hayden - Mysherie First Romance
2nd. Reader - Chevawn I'm Another Jackreed
3rd. Oxley - Candytops Celebration

Dog CC: Mysherie First Romance
Res Dog CC: Chevawn I'm Another Jackreed

Veteran Bitch:

1st Ward - Pittens Advent Star

Special Brood Bitch:

1st. Hayden - Ch Donahaye Seal Of Approval
2nd. Vella - Yorkalsa Cherry Blossom Vellzyra

Minor Puppy Bitch:

1st. Donovan - Blancville Saucy Attitude with Donmorra

Puppy Bitch:

1st. Graham - Chatcombe Make Believe
2nd. Humes - Zoflora's Italian Dream

Junior Bitch:

1st. Comrie-Bryant - Frasermar Tempting Kisses
2nd. Ward - Beaupetite Wild 'N Wise
3rd. Panton - Mysherie Everlasting Love

Yearling Bitch:

1st. Baillie - Sweet Love In A Mist

Novice Bitch:

1st. Beaupetite Wild 'N Wise
2nd. Zoflora's Italian Dream

Graduate Bitch:

1st. Beaupetite Wild 'N Wise
2nd. Sweet Love In A Mist

Post Graduate Bitch:

1st. Pooley - Becklyn Blowing Kisses
2nd. Graham - Chatcombe Glamour In Gertie
3rd. Lee - Litalees Mona Lisa
Res. Norris - Hollowdown Tuppence
VHC. Sweet Love In A Mist

Limit Bitch:

1st. Humes - Magical Moonlight at Zoflora
2nd. Busk - Hollowdown Rhythm In Blue
3rd. Yorkalsa Cherry Blossom Vellzyra
Res. Hollowdown Tuppence

Open Bitch:

1st. Prevost - Hassendean Ritzy Romance
2nd Evans - Ch Patajohn Hot Gossip at Citegan JW
3rd. Hayden - Donahaye Secret Affair
Res. Humes - Ir Ch Zoflora Minnie Ha Ha
VHC. Rowe - Rozmund Romance

Bitch CC: Hassendean Ritzy Romance
Res Bitch CC: Ch Patajohn Hot Gossip at Citegan JW