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Show Results - Open Show
Judge: Mrs Margaret Burns (Elasaidamar)
Saturday March 14th 2015

Reserve Best in Show
Keriwell Make My Day

Best in Show
Nothing Else Matters Stribrne Prane

Best Puppy in Show
Gudyork Bombshell at Wilihelm (Imp SVK)

Best Veteran in Show
Ordan's Living Free

Judges Report (to follow)

Veteran Dog (1, 0)

1st. Davies - Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Minor Puppy Dog (1, 1)

Puppy Dog: (3, 2)

1st. Light - Faystans Rampent Reward

Junior Dog: (2, 1)

1st. Wells - Keriwell Make My Day

Special Beginners Dog: (0)

Maiden Dog: (0)

1st. Graduate Dog: (2, 1)

1st. Davies - Wenwytes Warrior King for Yorkalsa

Limit Dog: (6, 3)

1st. Haisova - Nothing Else Matters Stribrne Prani
2nd. Ward - Beaupetite Focus On Me at Beaudreamer
3rd. Rowe - Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund

Open Dog: (1, 1)

Bred by Exhibitor Dog (1, 0)

1st. Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Best Dog: Nothing Else Matters Stribrne Prani
Res Best Dog:
Keriwell Make My Day
Best Puppy Dog: Faystans Rampent Reward

Veteran Bitch: (1, 0)

1st. Challoner - Ordan's Living Free

Special Brood Bitch (0, 0)

Minor Puppy Bitch: (4, 1)

1st. Eden-Smith - Gudyork Bombshell at Willihelm (Imp SVK)
2nd Haisova - Princess Pom-Pom Sribrne Prani (NAF)
3rd Weston - Yorkiehill Royal Velvet

Puppy Bitch: (1, 1)

Junior Bitch: (5, 4)

1st. Gladwin - Gladtidings Cleopatra

Special Beginners Bitch: (0)

Maiden Bitch: (1, 1)

Graduate Bitch: (5, 2)

1st. Horne - Kool Cinders for Lanehurst
2nd. Haisova - Queen Of Diamonds L'Herbe De L'Amour
3rd. Light - Faystan's Imagination

Limit Bitch: (3, 2)

1st. Streek - Sherazade Millie The Minx

Open Bitch: (1, 1)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (0)

Best Bitch: Gudyork Bombshell at Willihelm (Imp SVK)
Res Best Bitch:
Kool Cinders for Lanehurst
Best Puppy Bitch:
Gudyork Bombshell at Willihelm (Imp SVK)