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Show Results - Members Limited Show
Judge: Mrs Vivienne Bunce (Sladesmark)
Saturday March 16th 2013

Reserve Best in Show
Willihelm Heaven Sent

Best in Show
Beaupetite In Focus

Best Puppy in Show
Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund

* Judges critique

Veteran Dog (1, 0)

1st. Davies - Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Minor Puppy Dog (1, 0)

1st. Prevost - Hassendean Ritchie Rich

Puppy Dog: (4, 1)

1st. Roe - Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund
2nd. Butt - Beaupetite What About Me
3rd. Ward - Beaupetite Focus On Me at Beaudreamer

Junior Dog: (1, 0)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite Look At Me

Special Beginners Dog: (0)

Maiden Dog: (1, 0)

1st. Beaupetite Focus On Me at Beaudreamer

Graduate Dog: (3, 2)

1st. Graham - Chatcombe For Xample

Limit Dog: (4, 2)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
2nd. Horne - Brybett Star Choice

Open Dog: (0)

Bred by Exhibitor Dog (2, 1)

1st. Yorkalsa Highland Magic

Best Dog: Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
Res Best Dog:
Chatcombe For Xample
Best Puppy Dog: Lapland Magical Fantasy at Rozmund

Veteran Bitch: (3, 3)

Special Brood Bitch (1, 1)

Minor Puppy Bitch: (2, 1)

1st. Gladwin - Secret Attraction

Puppy Bitch: (2, 1)

1st. Streek - Sherazade Millie The Minx

Junior Bitch: (2, 0)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite Strike A Pose
2nd. Gladwin - Julesmoor Love Heart

Special Beginners Bitch: (2, 0)

1st. Julesmoor Love Heart
2nd. Secret Attraction

Maiden Bitch: (3, 1)

1st. Julesmoor Love Heart
2nd. Secret Attraction

Graduate Bitch: (7, 3)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite Bewitched
2nd. Donovan - Frasermar It's A Temptation
3rd. Reader - Jorjenjo Jazz Thyme at Jackreed
Res. Dodd - Naylenor Charming Poppet

Limit Bitch: (2, 0)

1st. Eden-Smith - Willihelm Heaven Sent
2nd. Naylenor Charming Poppet

Open Bitch: (4, 1)

1st. Butt - Beaupetite In Focus
2nd. Julesmoor Love Heart
3rd. Secret Attraction

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (1, 1)

Best Bitch: Beaupetite In Focus
Res Best Bitch:
Willihelm Heaven Sent
Best Puppy Bitch: Sherazade Millie The Minx